Game Design Student Seeks Participants for Bachelor Survey!

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Game Design Student Seeks Participants for Bachelor Survey!

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Hello extreme gaming community!

As already written in the title, I am a game design student from Berlin. My name is Julius Peters, I study at the SAE Institute and am currently doing my Bachelor. Currently I write my bachelor thesis for which I conduct a scientific survey.

It's about the habits of players around the world. I would like to investigate if cultural differences have an impact on the gambling habits of European and American gamers.

It would help me immensely if there were some participants here who would sacrifice about 20 minutes of their time to participate in this survey. It's about playing two different game versions of the game "Onslaught: The Last Stand," which my fellow students and I developed during our studies. Subsequently, a par questions should be answered to which version has liked better. The data is collected completely anonymously.

The game is played directly through the survey in the browser and it is necessary to download the UnityWebPlayer and install. I assume that many of you might already be familiar with this, as the engine Unity3D has gained some notoriety in recent years.

I would be very happy if some of you would find the time to take part in my survey. You would help me a lot!

Here is the participation link. The survey is available in German as well as in English: ... 38 / lang-de

Greetings and thank you,

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