ClassicWoW – the one and only classic server [private]

Ihr habt Fragen zum Spiel World of Warcraft, oder möchtet einfach nur darüber diskutieren?
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ClassicWoW – the one and only classic server [private]

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Hi Guys!
Finally the time has come, our Classic-WoW server is online!

- Instant 60 (initially changed to 60x XP and 100x Quest! - otherwise we have friendly GMs who like to promote you up a few levels;))
- Vendors for blue starter

- There are portals to get around quickly (capitals)
- little extra: a portal connection between Orgrimmar & Stormwind

- You can clear Raiden or instances normally

>>> PvP:
- Here we have come up with something special:

All bosses (elite mobs) in Orgrimmar and Stormwind are dropping good items.
Depending on the level of difficulty to divide up to single T3.
Thus, we want to get the players to do neat Open PvP and attack each other's cities.
The city bosses have been adjusted (HP & Damage).

Other features:
Own root
No lags
24/7 online
friendly GMs

We are still missing players who are in the good old days.
You need the latest WoW version (2.4.2), burning-crusade installation is not needed - but it is also possible to connect with it

How to Connect:
In the WorldofWarcraft folder you will find a file named Open it with the editor and change the content to:
Set realmlist
Create homepage for account:

We are also looking for people who would like to work on the server (for example, some bosses have to be balanced and a few loot-tables worked out)

Sincerely, mrlocus

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